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ChibiPaws is coming back soon..

Keep checking back to see what we'll have in store.

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Staff MemberJared 

Welcome to ChibiPaws!
Who are we, you ask?
We're a virtual pet site where you can adopt virtual pets, play, interact, and chat with users around the globe that love creating virtual pets like you do!

How much is it to join?
ChibiPaws is a completely free website. We don't charge for anything unless you choose to buy something. We'll always be free!

Newest Items
Revitalizing PotionPeacockatrice

Latest News
Open Alpha Information
While I'm working on remaking the website, I've gone ahead and made the website public so I can test things. There isn't anything that can be accessed by the general public at this time as I'm only allowing beta testers access. If ...

Pet Spotlight
Pet Spotlight
Test the Balair

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