• We try to keep things simple, so we've made reading the rules as simple as possible. Regardless, you should ensure you have read through the entire rules to avoid infractions.
  • ChibiPaws is open to all ages. However, normally we require users be 13 years of age or older. If you are younger than 13 years of age, then continued use of the website means you have received permission from your parents to use the website and both of you agree to these rules. Remember we are a PG-13 website.
  • The staff will NEVER ask for your password. If you receive a message from someone on the staff asking for a password, ignore it and report it to a staff member.
  • Word of advice: if you think it's the wrong thing to do on ChibiPaws, just don't do it.

The Rules

  • 1 point: Using profanity, sexual content, 'swear words', and inappropriate acts using pet role play in an area not designated for such use.
  • 1 point: Chat rooms and/or links to chat room sites.
  • 1 point: Online dating requests.
  • 1 point: Spamming ("party boards") in the forums.
  • 1 point: Using languages other than English within the site.
  • 1 point: Promoting other competing pet sites. We allow discussions, but don't blatently advertise for another pet site here.
  • 2 points: Asking for someone's password.
  • 2 points: Asking for personal information such as: screen names, zip codes, addresses, etc.
  • 2 points: Gangs, gang slang, or any related topics.
  • 3 points: Stealing someone's art work or graphics.
  • 3 points: Giving out personal information regarding another user.
  • 5 points: Scams and tricking users out of their items, accounts, pets, or ChibiPoints.
  • 5 points: Impersonating staff and/or admin in order to trick/steal/etc. from other users.
  • 5 points: Using any sort of program to perform repeated tasks or cheat in games.
  • 5 points: Cyberbullying or being abusive to other users.
  • 5 points: Having more than one account.
  • 10 points: Performing a chargeback of real life funds from any payments made to ChibiPaws.
  • 10 points: Hacking of a user or ChibiPaws itself.

What happens when I break the rules?

ChibiPaws uses a point system to determine the severity of your punishment. Here is a quick run down of how this system works:

  • Verbal Warning: We will send you a message regarding the infraction and refer to the rules. Repeated infractions will turn verbal warning into official, permanent warnings.
  • Official Warning: Your account will receive a permanent infraction and future infractions will add upon this warning.
  • Suspension (5 points): Once your account reaches 5 points worth of infractions, then your account will be suspended for a certain amount of time, as decided based on your account history.
  • Ban (10 points): At 10+ points, your account will be permanently banned and you will be banned from creating accounts in the future.

Please note that the staff on ChibiPaws have the authority to make decisions on other things that may be considered abusive or inappropriate that are not listed on this page.

Off-site Use of ChibiPaws Artwork

You can display our artwork on a website other than ChibiPaws. If you do display our artwork, on every page, you must display the following copyright:

©2005-2021 All Rights Reserved. Used with Permission.

That copyright must be displayed on every page that has our pictures displayed. Using our content in this manner still means that you cannot sell our artwork or graphics you have made out of our artwork for ChibiPoints, or items on your website. Using our work on your website means that you agree to these terms. If caught with our work on your site in a improper manner (i.e. no copyright), you are using our work on your website illegally, and legal action can be taken.

Changes to The Site Rules

The Site Rules can be changed at any time. However, we will post a new article or otherwise notify all users when the rules have changed. Some changes may require users to review and accept the rules again.

Copyright © 2005-2021 All rights reserved.
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